The tyranny of time is lurking and even though I know it will be better that I leave, my desire to stay with her, near her, is winning out as the heart dominates the head.

Was is the guarantee that she isn’t playing me like she apparently does many people? I would like to say I know her better, but perhaps that is nonsense.
In the end, whether she is or isn’t, that shouldn’t change my behavior.
I will continue to treat her with loving kindness.

The sun shines softly through the dirty windowpane, illuminating the layers of its history. Cool air flows over the new morning, bringing with it calm and relief of an existence often questioned, but never understood. This day, like all days, holds mysteries just beyond our reach, but to not try for them is the only way to ensure defeat. A blessing of the morning, sobering away every day that came before it, clearing away the debris of thousand confused, aggravated nights. Breath, light and controlled, brings peace to all who experience it.

-For more in this series and the story behind it, see 13 years