You can be healthier here than you’ve ever been
Make the decision and focus
alkaline, green, balanced, joyful
make the choice and become clear.

Don’t live reactionary
but take action instead.

There is happiness and joy available here, available wherever you are.

Cleanse, alkalize, breath, clear away impurities.

Take advantage of every moment that you have.
Meditate, know the mind, know deeply what it is possible of.
Do not allow vague notions of what could be darken and dampen what is.

Everything that exists exists here.
Remain positive.
If you live in reaction to this place than this place wins and has control over you.

Live free & open & let go
let go
let go.

Try love, try joy, try peace, try clarity.
There is beauty everywhere you go if you allow it.

Write again.
Write, write, write.

Write projects, write short stories, write observations, write novels.
Write your history, write your future, write your past.

Meditate, allow every cell in the body to heal.
You have done damage and been damaged.
Allow it to heal.
Help it to heal.
You know what makes you healthy.
You know what you’re capable of –
Make the choice to water the positive seeds of life.