Fading boats

One night together
one of those strange nights that you’re not quite sure how it came about, but you just want to happen again and again
never an awkward silence.

All my plans get convoluted once i see her
a little rum and company
all anger gone, a bit of sadness left
it’s all out of order.

Spent the night with [her]
went to the hotel and beach
a beautiful night filled with ever-changing clouds and air fit for dreaming
our friendship is like no other I have ever known
it is rare and precious and I hope others know this type of relationship.

“Do you ever miss me?”
“Of course.”
I shut the door and didn’t look back, so that’s that.
Now we remove ourselves completely.

I feel that soon I will do great things.

– For more in this series and the story behind it, see 13 years