There’s a lot
it’s too convoluted
I feel dizzy (slightly) and out of it
28 days
it’s risky.

Class in seven hours
everyone else is currently getting food
so much to do, it is impossible
I’m losing my battles,  they’re all going by the wayside
so damn homesick
Appleseed Cast – End of the Ring Wars
I shouldn’t be here.

I want desperately to be a child again.

She is cute and kind of crazy
the elusive mystery of beginning any relationship
I used to love just sitting with [her] drinking to music
feel somewhat hopeful about the future for the first time in a long, long while
the days without her just seem meaningless
really just a random series of events?
a swirling tapestry of colors and wonderment
[good luck on growing up]
each of the seemingly small things will add up.

– For more in this series and the story behind it, see 13 years