In sorting through my old journals to use for material for my 13 years project, I’ve mostly been listening to vinyl that repeatedly hit my record player in the late 90s to early 2000s but I haven’t listened to much lately. This led to a wonderful rediscovery of many bands that, while they didn’t end up really going anywhere, meant a great deal to me at a time when music more or less saved my life.

One of those bands was Gods Reflex, who were described in a 2010 AP article as “kings of the pre-millennium Northern Illinois emo scene.” (Check out the full article, it’s worth it). Most importantly, though, in searching for info on them for this post I discovered they’re doing a reunion show this Sunday at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. (Ah Chicago, I miss you so much…) Alas, I am currently in Alabama, where, I’m told, “we get great artists – Kid Rock was just here!”

So to anyone in Chicago or the surrounding area interested in this kind of music whatsoever, do yourself a favor and go check out the show. Oh yeah, also, per the point of this post, I’ve found their first two records (which, I have to obnoxiously note, I have on red and blue vinyl, respectively) great for writing. You can listen to all three of their records on their bandcamp page.

More on Gods Reflex:

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