Words will keep us together

Fiction, musings and all things writing by Gregory T. Janetka

Meeting with a beauty queen

The only reason they gave for the delay was “congestion at the destination airport.” And so it was that he stalked up and down the total of 11 gates the airport held. This was the smallest airport he’d ever been to, outside of that one in West Texas. Board and anxious, he sat against the concrete column, his back to the gate in order to stop himself looking at the bold letters reading DELAYED on the screen.

Walking towards him were two women. One was a stunning young blonde, complete with sash and tiara. She appeared dominant, towering on her clear platform shoes. All eyes were drawn to her, the men full of lust and women full of disapproval and resentment. The two turned away from him, off to the other side of the airport. The second woman, who appeared to be the girl’s mother, took her aside to pose for pictures. He watched disinterestedly. Here she was, come to make the lives of these normal people more interesting, if only momentarily.

Once aboard she welcomed the eyes watching her, devoured them. Once safely in the air he watched as she eventually removed the tiara, the sash remaining. He had work to do, but every time he glanced over, she seemed to shrink. When she removed the tiara, when she slipped off her shoes, when she ordered apple juice. Eventually he noted that, suddenly, she was just a girl. Like every other girl he had ever known. Finally she was beautiful. Finally she existed.

Taxing on the runway she put her shoes back on climbed into the tiara. She was commanding once more, ready for her public. But he had seen through. He had seen her.

-July 2013


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