Words will keep us together

Fiction, musings and all things writing by Gregory T. Janetka

hamsters and divorce papers.

two days passed before Edward decided he needed to move on. the impetus was all there, the need to find something stable, which could never happen here. it occurred to him that finding $20 yesterday was more than auspicious. it was necessary, an act of the creator. God wanted him to have money. he had been broke since Susan divorced him and taken all of his savings. something about “child support” and grievous moral misconduct, yet, all he knew was that he was broke. broker than broke. he was a child again, unable to earn money and lacking the understanding to even know which paper was worth $ and which was meant for the blue recycling bin. it was so confusing – both could be pretty, have pretty pictures, pretty fancy signatures, etc, but only one was worth anything. why? why didn’t they use something like coca-cola or geometry books, something that no one really needed, only pretended to want for what it could be a means of an ends to. and yet. here he was. divorced, confused & broke. what did he have left? Just Homer, his odyssey proclaimer, and Charles, his hamster.  Charles had tubes, a wheel, and a see-thru ball. Why didn’t he have those things too?

-May 20, 2011


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