Words will keep us together

Fiction, musings and all things writing by Gregory T. Janetka


Dena didn’t know what to do.  But that didn’t bother her, she was used to it.  She laughed as she tried to think back to a time when she did know what she was doing — even in the slightest. Hmmm…..no, absolutely nothing came to mind.  That was comforting.  She had decided it didn’t matter to know what one was doing, simply a matter of not being bothered by that fact.  Her body, however, had thankfully known what to do, as it continued breathing, along with a million other functions.  And so she settled into the armchair, fully content.

Without delay there was a noise at the door.  Rising, she began to feel an uneasiness.  Opening the door she was met by a square floating in mid-air before her.  It was translucent and looked as if it had been cut out of wax paper.  Motionless, Dena watched as the square floated towards her.  Just as it came into contact with her sweater, it disappeared.  She turned around to see if it had passed through her, but it was nowhere to be found.  She felt the uneasiness rise with the knowledge that the square had been absorbed into her.

Turning back around she saw the space in the doorway had been replaced by an equilateral triangle (with the point up), followed by a rectangle, both of which absorbed themselves into her in turn.  Her anxiety began to get the best of her, until she saw the outline of a circle floating towards her.  As soon as it had disappeared into her she felt whole again, at ease.  She looked outside, but there were no more figures to be found, only the black velvet night.

Mindfully closing the door, Dena looked at her hands and feet in wonder.  At her age there wasn’t much left to wonder about.  As she learned, however, giant floating shapes which absorbed themselves into her body are quite sufficient to fill that void.

Conscious of the circle floating within her, Dena began to feel an affinity with everything round — the clock on the wall, her watch face, the ring of coffee permanently affixed to the countertop.  Glancing over she looked at her round kitchen table, upon which sat a round plate, with a round cupcake, covered in round sprinkles atop pink icing.

Dena felt an absolute lightness of being, an instance of perfection.  There was a noise at the window.  She opened it and was hit in the face by a wall of water which conformed to the exact shape of the window frame.  In an instant it knocked her head back just enough to keep it at the same rate of speed as the rest of her body.

Opening her eyes she saw that she was floating.  In fact, everything was floating.  It was as if gravity had suddenly ceased to exist within her apartment.  The table, along with the plate with the cupcake with the icing with the sprinkles floated before her.  Pushing on the cupcake she sent it into orbit around the plate, which she sent into orbit around the table.  She laughed and laughed and it lit up the room.  She opened the kitchen drawers, letting the fork dance with the knives and the dish float away with the spoon.

Dena had no idea what she was doing.  That was how she liked it.  Grabbing her blanket as it floated past, she wrapped herself into it and promptly fell asleep.

-February 2011


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