Kiss me quickThere is a lush life hiding in this paper and in these words. They are born, not out of nothingness, but out of wonder. The kind of wonder that a 31-year-old man was no longer sure existed. Yet wide eyes and a sonorous being called up to levels of birds and flying machines.

Ladies with bobbed hair, martini glasses, and giant, expressive eyes.

Colors. Each deeper than known for years, each alive, telling him that there are others like him, that he’s not alone.

Focus. There it is. It exists when something worthy of focus appears. Just like that. No working, no effort, it just appears when something of true wonder and inspiration shows itself, allows itself to be known.

Oh, hello old friend. There are so many places I’d like to show you, won’t you come along? We must forget so much of what we’ve been taught and remember instead what is true. This world is a messy mess, my head is a messy mess. And I am glad of it.

Tonight we shall dream dreams and tomorrow we will live them. Oh let us stroll through the night and all its shadows. Get your hat, it might get cold. These, these here are for you. Pick out whichever you’d like. The carnival is back and my pockets are full of quarters.

You are here again. Every moment we shared is here. I am here again. Things are going to be okay after all and this is the best possible decision I could have made. For years I’ve known what the next day, week, month, year would hold. Now, it will be where I don’t know what tomorrow’ll bring. That’s wild. And wonderful. And a whole slew of other positive adjectives. Everything is possible again. A fresh start, but with wisdom by my side and fear left behind.