433px-Violadana_2Last week I introduced you to Cammy, a somnambulist of sorts. Well, one of her best friends was Dena.

Now, Dena, unlike Cammy, never had problems with sleep, mostly because she saw no need for it. Dena was the sort of person who is always sort of surrounded by mysterious and unexplainable events. She sees no fear in them, no confusion, just looks at the situation exactly as it is and exists as part of it.

This is her story. It may be the first story she was ever apart of, but it may also be the last. This, as far as we know, was the last story anyone ever heard about her. But that didn’t stop them from telling stories about her, rather quite the opposite.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and, much like Dena, embrace whatever moment you find yourself in. You’ll probably be happier that way. Cheers~