CammyI first met Cammy when I was living alone in an apartment in Forest Park, Illinois.  Being the first time I had ever lived alone, I quickly realized it was not a situation that I thrived in. Working at home, with no one around and winter fully set in, I wouldn’t leave for days at a time.

Having no direct contact with anyone or the outside world, my overactive imagination took hold, leading me to seriously question if anything actually did exist outside of the walls I was surrounded by. I was overcome by the fear that if I opened the door there would be nothing but blackness. It was during one of these temporary breaks with reality that I met Cammy.

Like me, Cammy had always had problems sleeping. Everyone else seemed to love sleep and want more of it, while she stood terrified of it for no specific reason. Best she could figure, Poe summed it up as well as anyone, “Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.”

Bonding over this commonality, she told me a story. Check it out here: Cammy