One wordYesterday I started a new series titled To Be a Writer a Writer Must Write, which combines old public domain photographs with quotes from writers about writing.

In an egotistical move, this reminded me of a piece I wrote when I felt bled dry of story ideas. Write what you know, right? Okay, then I’ll write about not having an idea to write about. Admittedly not the most original idea, but what is anymore? The trick is to try to make an idea, however played out it might seem, interesting.

Re-reading the piece I wrote in June of 2010, which I called One Word, I pleasantly believe I succeeded in the interesting part. (Ah! There’s that pesky ego again. Yeah, I see you buddy.)

But you can be the judge. Here’s One Word. It’s somewhere around 1,500 words I believe, so a fairly quick read.