this is halloween.One day, working at a liquor store in the Chicagoland area, I was struck with the idea, “What if everyone in the world was drunk for one night?”  This thought kept me busy for the rest of my mind dulling shift, allowing me to temporarily not feel guilty for selling booze to drunks who just needed help and bros who would probably turn into the former, continuing the cycle.

The more I thought about it the more the idea delighted me. Inspired by events involving myself, friends and family (including my mother), I wrote up a short piece I called Bender. True, it’s not a Halloween story per se, (it takes place on September 24 – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday) but I think it is a story for Halloween. I guess it’s sort of the reverse – if instead of everyone wearing masks for one night, what if everyone removed all of their self-imposed masks and just allowed themselves to be?

However, one scene does involve some famous kids singing about brains…

Another of the scenes involving two friends and myself took place one night that has since been captured by Divided Heaven (who, coincidentally, is a great musician and deserving of your support):

Enjoy Bender and have a terrifying Halloween, kiddies.