Caveat emptor?In recent months I’ve been slowly adding old short stories to this site as I figure in doing that there is at least the possibility someone will read them, rather than continue to let them sit in darkness, nestled with their respective rejection notices.

Caveat Emptor was finished in December 2008 and is one of the longer stories that I’ve written. Telling the story of Robert Greenwood, a 29 year-old who is terrified of the world, it was inspired by the idea that hurting others only hurts yourself. That, and the fact that I was working at Barnes & Noble at the time and wanted to have a scene in a story where I could play out a scene with a customer where I didn’t have to hold my tongue.

Whenever I read back over old stories, I like to go back to see my original notes. The first thing I wrote on this one was:”Opens with a guy, late 20s early 30s, sleeping. His head on a pillow in a bass drum (likes how the world sounds in there), hasn’t been played for years. Hasn’t left the house in years. How did he get here?”

I hope you find it interesting, here’s Caveat Emptor.