Boy and girl

One of my favorite phrases in the English language is “settling in for the night.”  Those five words seem to encompass every comforting thought I’ve ever known. It makes me envision laying in bed, looking at the stars, smiling in complete and utter peace. (A scene I’ve known maybe a handful of times in real life). Thus I knew I wanted to use it as a title for a story. Normally I have trouble with titles and change it many times, but this one started with the title.

Settling in for the Night  is the story of 8-year old Jeffy, his best friend Eloisa, and his mom, all attempting to make peace with the suburban landscape they find themselves in. It was mainly inspired by the many hours I spent alone as a child in my bedroom closet.

Enjoy, and have an enjoyable Sunday. If you’re spending the holiday with family and friends, tell them what they mean to you, or, if you find it preferable, go hide in the closet until they’re gone.