Last month I flew from Huntsville, Alabama to Baltimore. The airport in Huntsville is pretty small (a total of 11 gates) but is also the most expensive in the country for some ungodly reason.

With my flight delayed I sat scratching unfocused random notes into my journal.  Putting it away in frustration I looked up to see Miss Teen Mississippi walking towards me.  As I occasionally have trouble deciphering my stories from reality, I did a double take, but no, she was indeed there and on my flight.

The reaction of the others in the terminal was completely stereotypical and a joy to watch – the men were none too subtle, dirty thoughts plainly written on their faces, while the women at least tried to be subtle, shooting disdainful and jealous glances at her out of the corner of their eyes. As she seriously looked like Barbie, (something I find completely unattractive), I had no distraction from simply taking in the entire scene.

A little later on I wrote a short piece on it, Meeting with a beauty queen.