alone on a rockIn an attempt to make this a comprehensive site of my work (because I like comprehensive things), I’ve been slowly adding old stories I’ve written to this site. Today I post three from 2006-2007, all of which have to do with isolated children interacting with nature in one way or another.  It’s always interesting to look back and find patterns in what you’ve written years before. Lonely children has always been one of my running themes,  which, while obvious, was something I had not realized for a long time.

Three old stories new to this site (admittedly varying in quality) added under Fiction include:

  • The Boy and the Squirrels (June 2006) –  Written while I was hiding from working in a luggage room at Disney World, we find a young boy in the forest contemplating which snack to share with the creatures
  • Ralph and the Fire (June 2006) – Ralph, a disillusioned child, stares down two paths, unable to decided
  • Johnny’s Perfect Day (June 2007) – A young boy completely disconnected from nature brings it into his home.