Old man at MidwayI find that a number of my stories have been inspired by seeing people in airports. My favorite of which was inspired by the older gentleman seen here donning a green blazer and happily munching on some fries. I was immediately inspired by him and started making notes. Then I texted my friend to explain to her the situation, as I figured she would understand.
Friend:  That is absolutely adorable.

Me: He is now reading the newspaper with a magnifying glass. I can’t decide if he is on his way to see his grandkids or an old mistress.

Friend: Grandkids of course. And while they’re on the carousel he sees his old mistress with her own grandkid.

Me: Nice.  I figured his wife died two years ago and this is the first time he’s left the house since.

Shortly after sending that message my flight was called and I had to get on board. As soon as I sat down I started writing. I really enjoyed how it came out. I named it Ernest.

Here’s to you, old man in the airport, thanks for the inspiration. I hope you got where you were going and had a great time when you got there.